A message from Tim Mathes

When I first opened Mathes Construction & Gutter Company, I wanted to challenge myself to own and operate a business in the local area. We started small. At that time, 24 years ago, there was not a company installing seamless gutters and downspouts within a 30-mile radius of Kiel. My goals were very straightforward; I wanted to deliver an honest, efficient product with the best customer service possible. Although we have grown as a company, that mindset has remained the cornerstone to our business.

Throughout the years, out of both necessity and customer need, we have expanded our horizons past gutter installation to include building, remodeling, and various other construction projects. By continuing to keep our customers first we pushed the envelope and took on new challenges as the years progressed. We hired new employees that strived for more and built our company on the needs of our customers.

Twenty years later we have become one of the most versatile companies in our trade, undertaking jobs such as general contracting, new home construction, remodeling, framing, roofing, concrete flat work, siding, aluminum trim, tile floors, cabinet making, and gutter installation. By staying versatile and keeping an open mind for our customers we have cultivated a better understanding of quality throughout the entire project, from concept to completion.

Our company comes to the plate with a well-rounded group of employees that will perform the work needed for any project. Quality is our main focus. Each and every day we communicate, create ideas, and make our projects come together. It’s important to make sure a project runs smoothly from start to finish, no matter how small or large. We operate as a team and we are proud of what we do to make a project come together.

I’ve always loved working with my hands and tools, creating something in front of my own eyes. To be able to create a job and see it through until the end, that still gets me excited 20-some years later. I enjoy meeting new people every day, which has become one of the things that make my job so enjoyable. By combining my love for construction and my strong desire to help people, it has become easy for me to push myself to the next level as often as I can. It is truly fulfilling to drive down a city street or country road being able to pause and say, “Hey, we worked on that project.”

Thank you for your business,
Tim Mathes
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